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We're looking for serial entrepreneurs, angel investors, start ups, venture capitalists, hipsters, hackers, and hustlers.

We sit in our offices and in our cars. We go back and forth to work. We rise to meet a few good challenges, but let's be honest, not many. When was the last time you were challenged? Challenged to be creative, challenged to make a change, challenged to get something done?

Pitch Club is a place to reclaim your passions. Remember that great new business idea you had back in college? Why didn't it happen? Were you scared of the risk? Did you not know how to start a new business? Couldn't come up with the money? Didn't know anyone with complimentary skills? Didn't have any accountability? Did your friends and family tell you that you should just be happy walking the same path as them? Or was it a genuinely shitty idea?

Pitch it. Pitch the idea right now. You've got 5 minutes, go.