Who we are

On the back of his Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Christo Partners founder, Peter Christo, discovered that there was little support for aspiring entrepreneurs beyond a few academic books.  Most of the 'advisers and business coaches were from established corporations.  New ventures are different!

The first client was Franchise Alliance, a national organisation dedicated to assisting new franchsie opportunities go to market.  Peter Christo found himself evaluating the aspiring franchises in terms of commercial viability.  Over time the service stood alone whether they were franchisable or not, and we went on to establish the Arion Program.

In the following years we launched a number of businesses, and took equity in a few.  What differentiated us was that aside from being cost efficient and accountable with our services, we also took equity in some cases and so became partners with our clients.  Startups need cash, and as long as we can keep the operational wheels turning, we saw having a part of our clients opportunity as a win win.  


Our History

2005 -
First office with Franchsie Alliance, national advisory and consulting firm.  Pitch Club was a bunch of MEI's graduates getting together monthly at The Montague Pub in South Melbourne, VIC Australia.
2006 -
Established, Arion program, first equity deal in portfolio with Medical Media Group..
2007 -
Launched Pitch Club Pty Ltd, national event for entrepreneurship industry.
2008 -
Launched Global Review Services (Melbournecoffeereview.com). 
2009 -
Worlds first smart app to help coffee lovers find great cafes (MCR).
2013 -
Cirus Media acquires Medical Media Group..
2014 -
Watch this space!


Job opportunities

Christo Partners is looking for startup business coaches and mentors.

If you have good startup esperience, technology and internet savvy. and are based in any of the following states or countries, please contact us!

Please send us an inquiry via email including a linked in profile or bio on line.



The Best of Professionals

Peter Christo

Peter Christo B.Bus(Eco/Mkt), MEI

Elliot Boylan

Elliot Boylan

Originating from England, Elliot is an enthusiastic marketing professional with wide ranging experience in marketing & communications, IT, ebusiness, branding and sales. After earning his degree at Plymouth University, Elliot took his first role with the Peverel Group – the largest property services company in the UK, eventually heading up two brands within the Group as well as part of the team delivering the overall Group marketing strategy. As a dual passport holder, Elliot took the leap across to Australia in order to realise a long held desire to work abroad. It is here his journey started by joining Taghleef Industries (TI), one of the largest manufacturers of BOPP packaging film in the world. Elliot was brought in to introduce a marketing function to the sales team and to represent the Asia-Pacific marketing section for the Global Group.

Eventually Elliot moved on to combine his marketing role with an active sales role looking after key customer accounts and being responsible for meeting sales and volume based targets across the Australia region. Elliot has now taken his experience and moved into running his own business, operating a mobile application service for loyalty programs, being part of the Melbourne Coffee Review team and as a associate to Christo Partners.


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Skills & Resources

There are a range of essential skills and resources that we bring to the table for new venture owners.  These include;


Ignacio Inchausti:

“Peter brings to his business life the same passion and zest that he displays for life in general. Generous, astute, savvy and deeply entrepreneurial, Peter forever seeks new levels of performance from himself and enrols others in his vision, whatever the task at hand. ” Ignacio Inchausti Client Delivery Executive at Byte Information Technology